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About Interim Ministry
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About Interim Ministry

Posted on Fri, Sep 19, 2014

Welcome from Pastor Lori Eickmann,

The focus of intentional interim ministry is to engage in a congregational self-study. When that is completed, the focus will turn to calling your next pastor.
• This is a time to review the congregation’s past, look honestly at the present, and anticipate a wide-open future. 
• Why?  Because now is the perfect time to re-examine who you are as a community and discern where God is calling you next. When you are clear on that, you will be able to call a pastor who can go there with you.
• Think of the congregation as a train rolling through the station: you are not stopping until another pastor is arrives; you are slowing down a bit so the new pastor can hop aboard.

The 5 “tasks” during the time of intentional interim ministry:
1. Look at the congregation’s history to affirm where you have been and understand where you are now.
2. Renew the congregation’s sense of mission and (re)discover your identity, so you will know what kind of leader can help you get where you want to go.
3. Manage shifts in leadership so that those who want a break or a different challenge, and others who are ready to emerge and take on new responsibilities, have room to do so.
4. Experience connection with the larger church by working with the synod leadership in the call process.
5. Commit to a new direction in ministry as you enter the future with a new pastor and a reinvigorated sense of call to serve the world God loves.

How we will proceed:
• There will be some congregation-wide meetings and events as well as some small group and individual meetings with the interim pastor so everyone has a chance to give their input all along the way.
• We’ll look at such topics as congregation lifecycles, congregational “styles”, group dynamics, etc.
• We’ll identify issues that need to be addressed.
• You will set some short-term goals for ministry.

The Call process:
After congregational input has been gathered through the various meetings, classes or events, a call committee is formed to enter that input into the Ministry Site Profile, which is like a resume for the congregation.  The synod uses the MSP to choose candidates for the call committee to interview.  Once your call committee recommends a candidate for call, the entire congregation votes on the candidate.

See me if you have any questions.  And keep praying as we discern God’s desires for this congregation!

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