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Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Burlingame
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Burlingame
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Rev. Rebecca Swee, Pastor

I entered seminary at a point in my life when many of my friends were thinking about retirement. No one was more surprised about this than I was. Funny how God often has plans for us that are quite different than anything we could have imagined. But what can I do other than go along to see where the path is leading?

Another wonderful surprise was receiving this call to be pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Burlingame. My late husband and I raised our daughter, Kate, in Belmont, living there for 20 years, so I feel as if I've been blessed to be able to come home again. Not only am I working with an incredibly welcoming and faithful group of people here at Good Shepherd but I am able to live again near long-time friends and familiar places. Things on the Peninsula have changed somewhat but, in my humble opinion, Amici's still has the best pizza and the 49'er's and the Giants will always rock. Yeah!

One of the great things about being called to serve others now is that I have always had a passion for learning/discovery and adventure. The multitude of new ideas and different ways of looking at things to which I was introduced in seminary have led me to be able to view the world through a different lens than I used to. I find that exciting and wish to share similar experiences with others. God has created such a wonderful, diverse world in which we live, all centered around one theme: God creates us and loves us as we are. There is absolutley nothing we can do to separate ourselves from God's love.

I invite you to join us for one of our classes, Sunday school or a family-friendly worship service. Then stay for our coffee hour and get to know us better, ask questions, and see if you are comfortable with us. All are welcome in God's house.

In the meantime, if you would like to talk with me on your own, you may either drop in, email ( or call me at the office here, 650-344-3040, Tuesday - Saturday, or before or after worship on Sunday. If there is a pastoral emergency, you may call me at 650-619-4729. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Rev. Rebecca Swee - Pastor -

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